Mission Statement

All artist have one goal in mind and that's to be the next BIG thing.  However, our goal is to help you establish credentials needed so that when the opportunity presents itself you're ready.  Our goal is to take your dream and build a project, take that same project and build a business, take that business and help you become a self sustained machine within the industry.  These strategies give you leverage to negotiate when it's time to sit down with any label to discuss your future.  It will allow the label to get to work on selling your product instead of spending countless hours and money developing something to sale. If you don't have a project that can be managed, then you don't need a manager.  Instead you need consulting and development to determine where you are and where you need to be. All of this is achieved through strategies that we use to determine Brand, Image, Sound, Presence, Originality and Demographic.  


BIGFOOT Music & Outdoors was formed and founded by seasoned and proven industry leaders.  BIGFOOT is located in the heart of Nashville’s “MUSIC ROW“.  We offer turnkey solution for various artists and venues within the music and entertainment industry.  We specialize in a wide variety of services that allow us to assist both artists and venues find their niche within the industry.  Whether you’re an artist looking to take your project to the next level, or just looking to improve the development of your ongoing project, BIGFOOT is available to assist you in reaching your project goals. 
Venues and promoters, who are looking to improve the level of entertainment brought to your venue, please don’t hesitate to contact BIGFOOT Music & Outdoors for all your talent buying needs.  We offer a solid roster of artists who are considered some of the best signed and unsigned talent in the music and entertainment industry.  We also have solid relationships established with other Nationally known talent agencies within the industry, that have professional entertainment available at our leisure.  Whether you are looking for an upcoming artist or a legendary artist BIGFOOT can deliver based on budget, strategy, demographic and your market. 
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